About Unite the Union in NHS Grampian

Unite is one of several officially recognised Trade Union and professional Association bodies within NHS Grampian, and take a full role in the Partnership Forums.

We draw our membership from all sections of the organisation including, but not just; Nurses, Ancillary Workers, Labs, eHealth, Pharmacy to name but several.

Whoever you are, and whatever you work as, Unite already works within your area and represents members in your area.

We have a network of experienced and trained Workplace Representatives (sometimes known as Shop Stewards) who we regularly keep in contact with. This means we are continually updated about local issues directly affecting members.

What you can get from being a member

Members have access to Workplace representatives and have the right to attend and bring up issues at the monthly branch meetings,

Unite is a democratic membership led organisation; we take our instructions from you, our paid up members.

As well as Workplace representation, members can benefit from training courses organised by Unite,

On signing up, you have access to the Legal Services department.

Unite have also been able to organise discounts and deals with service providers, this includes insurance, special rates at selected hotels etc.

About Unite

Unite is Britain’s biggest union with 1.5 million members in every type of workplace

Unite is the union for the 21st century. Unite was formed by a merger between two of Britain’s leading unions, the T&G and Amicus. It was created to meet the great challenges facing working people in the 21st century and is a democratic and campaigning union which fights back for employees in the workplace, is taking trade unionism out to the millions of unorganised workers, is a union that stands up for equality for all and advances its members interests politically. Unite is also active on a global scale building ever stronger links with trade unions around the world to confront the challenges of the globalised economy.